In addition to standard performances - DAT is heavily involved in music education.

DAT were the proud recipients of a grant from The Connie Gotsch Arts Foundation for an educational and performance based tour of schools and educational entities.

Jazz as an art form continues to diminish in mainstream popularity. Exposure of this truly American art form to younger generations of music students is typically regulated to studies for performance technique rather than true enjoyment of Jazz as living and thriving musical experience. What The DAT hoped we accomplished was two fold:

First - to expose young musicians across of various backgrounds and interests to jazz in a classic and a more contemporary setting. With music that spans from the 40's to more contemporary Jazz from recent decades - The DAT is hoping that students can connect with Jazz and through performance and most importantly - open discussion regarding individual instruments and general concepts relating to jazz and music in general.

Second - The DAT hopes to show to the community that there is a local and thriving music scene.  The combined musical experience of The DAT and the local activity of the members of The DAT are great examples of what music can bring to a community - through playing various charity events and bringing live music to local events. In the times of iPods, iBooks and everything digital - Live music played by local musicians is becoming a lost art and The DAT is trying to change that daily!

Please contact us about scheduling a clinic/performance at your local School or Boys and Girls club!