NPR | DAT/Def-i

After the amazing work of the team at the Sunflower Theatre - the results are in for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert series...and while we didn't win - out of 6,000 plus entries - we made the top 10 and they gave us a great mention on their website!…/47…/10-more-tiny-desk-contest-entries-we-loved

"Recorded at the Sunflower Theatre in Cortez, Colo., "Roadrunner" is a collaboration between Albuquerque rapper Def-i (given name: Christopher Bidtah) and a jazz trio led by trumpeter Delbert Anderson. Def-i and Anderson's trio each count indigenous music of the American Southwest among their influences, but that's not the only reason this project melds together so well; "Roadrunner" makes it evident that these artists also share a forward-thinking restlessness and a refusal to be parceled into neat boxes."

We are incredibly grateful for everything it took to get this together...keep an eye for some cool things to announce with The Delbert Anderson Trio - Def-i and our collab project - DDAT!!

Dig it here: