2016 Collaboration with Def-I - Hip Hop and Jazz

2015 was amazing - we played more than we ever thought we would and we had a great success with out first album "Manitou"!

...for 2016 - we thought why not keep pushing the envelope and pushing musical boundaries.   Who is to say what "jazz" is and where the lines between musical forms like Hip Hop and Jazz begin and end.

So found another artist with tons of great forward momentum - someone we enjoy listening to - someone that we like hanging with and thought - why not MAKE some music with him.

For 2016 - we're proud to announce a collaboration with Def-i (Christopher Mike-Bidtah).

Def-i is a very talented hip hop artists based in the Southwest as well - he's recently released an album called "Shields for Raining Arrows" that you have to hear to get a feel for his smooth, intelligent and rhythmic style.

Going into 2016 we'll performing shows together, we're working on an album (As well as a second DAT Album that we're 6 tracks into) and doing some touring on the West Coast!

Def-i and Delbert working on 2016 collaborations. Stay tuned for our new music video featuring Def-i on a piece entitled "Roadrunner".

The Roadrunner Music Video will then be sent to NPR to be considered for an hour concert at it's headquarters.

Please welcome Def-i to the DAT Family and keep an eye for what we have coming up!!