Manitou Physical Copies

We are incredibly excited to announce the physical release of our first live album!

You can find "Manitou" on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and several other large digital distributors.

We've been incredibly happy for the response of our digital release and we had an overwhelming request for physical cds - the first order of signed copies are getting ready to ship out!



DAT's first live album release - Manitou was recorded live at The Totah Theatre in Farmington, New Mexico with the exception of "Groove Warrior" and "New York Navajo" that were recorded at Fuzzy Lamp Studios.

Representing Delbert's Navajo Culture though melodies inspired by ancient songs of love and war - The Delbert Anderson Trio has infused these songs with our unique blend of jazz and funk and jam influences.

Named "Manitou" after the life force that is omnipresent and manifests everywhere: organisms, the environment, events, etc - Manitou represents a spiritual power that was felt in the composition of these songs and in continually felt in live performance. "Manitou" was also the chosen name of a dear friend of the band's that departed on his own journey after passing onto the next world while helping DAT form their vision of the future as a band.

From signature tracks like "Iron Horse Gallup" to bop inspired burners like "IDK" - "Manitou" takes the listener on a very unique voyage that could only be captained by Delbert Anderson, Nicholas Lucero and Mike McCluhan.

DAT would like to thank:

Greg Churchill for his hard work and patience as we recorded in his amazing space.

Dave Sprinkle for his help with the pre-release and production.

Terry Martin for his work at Fuzzy Lamp Studios.

Jeremy Eyerock Arviso for his outstanding graphic design work.

Our friends, families and loved ones who have been outstandingly supportive and patient while we took time to develop as a band and for all nights away we've spent this year and whatever is to come!

And finally - the fans. The people that have gone out of their way to listen to our music and support us in this endeavor. We're so lucky that our songs have fallen on your ears and we've heard your reactions in applause and message and conversations.

Catch us live anytime, we would be happy to sign your cd!

Thank you so much for listening!