DAT Jim Pepper Festival

We are excited and honored to take part in the Jim Pepper Festival this weekend in Portland, Oregon!

Jim Pepper is a personal inspiration to the entire trio!

Beginning in the late 1960s, Pepper became a pioneer of fusion jazz. His band, The Free Spirits, is credited as the first to combine elements of jazz and rock.

Of Kaw and Creek heritage, Pepper also achieved notoriety for his compositions combining elements of jazz and Native American music. Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman encouraged Pepper to reflect his roots and heritage and incorporate it into his jazz playing and composition.

DAT Remember vividly getting a call from Sean Cruz regarding Jim and the festival a year ago and sharing in his enthusiasm as Delbert and DAT are really the first people to be so directly influenced by Pepper and are honored to carry on his VERY unique legacy.

Can't wait to play up there!

Portlandia - here we come!