DAT Booking and Management Updates

We are very excited to announce that DAT will be working with Shawn Michael Perry/Only The Brave Recordings and Entertainment and with Gordon Bronitsky/Bronitsky and Associates.

We have the fortune of working with both of these individuals this year and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds!

Singer, songwriter, actor, educator, and activist Shawn Michael Perry will be putting together different tour packages from solo performances to all of the OTB acts performing on the same bill - which includes Shawn himself and our great friend Steven Rushingwind's group Rushingwind and Mucklow!


Gordon Bronitsky, PhD, Founder/President of Bronitsky and Associates has been providing quality cultural experiences that inspire, educate and entertain audiences and participants around the world since 1992. Bronitsky and Associates will be primarily handling our international activities.


Contact us at management@delbertandersontrio.com for any inquiries!