DAT Mongolian Jazz Improv

Yesterday - outside in the cool breeze and under the beautiful skies of Albuquerque, NM - we had the amazing opportunity to perform along side two wonderful musicians - Andrew Thomas and Baatarjav Tsogt.

Overcoming language and cultural differences - we all found a common language and spirit through music and it was fantastic. It was a testament to how small of a world it is and how regardless of location, language, religion, race - The Arts is a true common thread that we as people share and it's our duty to continue to keep threading the needle and weaving our musical tapestry.

We're grateful to Andrew and Battarjav for the time and spirit and to Gordon Bronitsky for his tireless efforts in coordinating the event, Shoshana Dubman for her help and providing such a wonder venue and finally to Chris for helping us cross the language barrier.

Finally - Thank you to everyone that came...we can't begin to tell you how impressed we were with the turnout and with the quality and insightful souls that arrived. What a fantastic bunch of people!

Onwards and upwards!!