DAT - Hard Rock Rising 2014 Contest

Click on THIS link to vote for us by downloading Groove Warrior!


We've been selected by ReverbNation and The Hard Rock Cafe as one of The Bands to represent not only our beautiful State of New Mexico - but our entire COUNTRY in a Global Battle of the Bands!!

The Winner will perform in front of 40,000 fans at this summer's Hard Rock Live music festival in Rome, Italy!

This is our chance to represent Native America, New Mexico and Jazz in general on a global scale and really show what can all do when we work together!!

...And before you think "Why...a Jazz band? - Well the Brass Wires Orchestra from Lisbon was a runner up last year and still got sent to London to perform! So we really tip our hats to The Hard Rock Cafe for endorsing talent - not just mainstream music!!!

So here's how we do this - We've made our song "Groove Warrior" available for download for free.

Click on the link below to download our song and give us a vote!!


One more option for our fans that live near a Hard Rock cafe:


Until voting ends on February 17th, your fans can triple their votes (2 additional votes per fan) by visiting any participating Hard Rock Cafe location and 'Checking-in' from their smartphone. Boost your votes by getting your fans to come out to a local cafe. Organize a meet-and-greet, sign autographs, get creative!

Important Notes:

Fans must vote prior to Checking-in
Fans will 'Check-in' using their mobile device
'Check-in' instructions will be posted inside all participating Hard Rock Cafes

Check out the Groove Warrior Music Video too!: