Delbert Anderson in SAY Magazine

Delbert Anderson was recently featured in the SAY Magazine 2014 Annual Education Guide!

SAY Magazine is much than just a magazine - they are a resource for First Nation and Native American people and a major source of information on contemporary Native issues.

Thank you so much to SAY Magazine for reaching out to Delbert and writing this great article on why he chose ENMU and why you should look at it too!

Please do yourself a favor and pick up this issue - Everyone knows that DAT is huge on education and this issue in particular is an incredible resource for helping our youth find good education resources to dive into!!

Leslie Lounsbury (Publisher of SAY Magazine) says it very well:

"In the area of education for our Native people, progress is being made, albeit slowly. Both in Canada and the US it is well recognized that higher education is a critical tool in addressing disparities in our communities, but higher learning education is still not a reality for many within Native communities."

We'd also like to add that this is truth of ALL youths in many communities across the country!!

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