Nicholas Lucero - Endorsement News!!

Super proud to announce that I'm going to be working with Stone Custom Drum L.L.C.!

Bernie Stone is truly a master at what he does and has nearly 40 years experience in the drum industry! What he's managed to do is a create a drum company that truly embodies everything I love about making instruments - he's got a passion for what he does - the drums and shells he creates - and he does it so well!

Bernie and Kenton Synder were fantastic and NAMM and really talked to me about what they do and who they were and I'm incredibly excited to work with these guys!!

Stone Custom Drum is an American Drum Company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We create drum shells in configurations of 3 ply and "Niles Era" 5 ply style on the actual tools and molds that originally made the famous Slingerland brand of drums for well over half a century. The molds and tools have been retrofitted and brought up to 21st century standards. The shells they create are nothing short of magnificent.

Stone Custom Drum operates out of an established and iconic & historical production facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. International Park is a 55 acre industrial/manufacturing complex that has a rich tradition of housing domestic manufacturing.

They are making me a set that I can't WAIT to see:

A "Bop" sized set -

12"x8" Tom
14"x14" Floor Tom
18"x16" Bass Drum

All made from a stunning Northern Indiana Cherry in a 3-ply with maple re-rings shell with gold hardware. Cherry is typically considered an "exotic" wood for drum construction - the wood offers a punchy, warm tonality with plenty of resonance and high-end bite. Great for a woodsy snare drum with ample crack. Cherry is extremely versatile both in its tuning range and musical application

Should look and sound AMAZING.

Thanks again to Stone Custom Drums for their time and for sharing their passion for making truly one of a kind and beautiful instruments.

Looking forward to it!!

Check them out at: