Nicholas Lucero and Bosphorus Cymbals

Anyone that knows me knows that the ONE thing I'm consistently picky about is cymbals. I travel with mine and if I can't get my entire setup in - I bring at very least my cymbals anywhere I go. Over the years I've developed a very, very specific sonic pallet for cymbals and have spent more than I'd like to think about chasing down that sound I have in my head. I came close with the big Z - but I never got there...not really.

I had the fantastic pleasure of getting introduced to the Bosphorus Cymbals team by Ari Hoenig at NAMM and in addition to be consummate professionals and just generally GREAT guys...their cymbals were absolutely unbelievable. There was one ride in particular that was literally the most beautiful sounding ride I'd ever none. I spent the next day at NAMM walking around the cymbal booths and spending hours and hours listening to cymbals from everyone - including the guys I've been using for most of my life and still came back to Bosphorus Cymbals twice after the initial meeting.

These guys make cymbals the same way cymbals were made 800 years fancy computer hammering - no laser lathing - just sweat, hard work and artistry. These type of craftsman are a rarity in the modern - mass produced world we live in. I saw the factory and was taken back in time and could picture the same guys making these modern cymbals making ancient cymbals - cauldrons of molten metal...the clang of artisans hammering cymbals...

So it is with great pleasure and honor that I'd like to officially announce that they've welcomed me into their family and I'm officially now and endorsed artist. I've made a major switch for me - and I'm very excited about the future with this team.

Big thanks to Brandon Pfundt for dealing me for about three hours in booth trying out literally every cymbal they had with every stick I could find in NAMM.

Tenatively - I'll be playing the Lyric Series:

14" Hi Hats
21" Crash Ride with Rivets
23" Ride

Check them out: