2015 China/US Tour

...That's right!  You read it correctly!


DAT would like to Announce that we will be collaborating on an upcoming recording and tour of China with noted Opera Singer and Composer Wenhai Wang!

We are incredibly blessed to have Wenhai as a friend and we are very excited to share what we're working on together.

In addition to being a stunning vocal and dramatic talent - Wenhai has been an educator and worked in composing and producing for both Television and Film. We will be blending our original DAT sound with Wenhai's Soaring Vocals to produce some great new music that will touch on influences from heritage jazz pieces, traditional Chinese pieces, film compositions and our original and unique musical vision as an artistic concord.

We will be playing several dates mostly in Shanghai and will be heading into the studio in the upcoming months to record a CD that will be released towards the end of 2014 - stay tuned for how to get an invite to our CD release event in Shanghai!

We will be announcing more about the specific dates and venues and thanking our sponsors in the upcoming months as things are finalized.

Thanks again to our friends, family and fans who have been so grateful and generous with their time and patience and love over the past several months as we've been booked solid with meetings and rehearsals and trips...we love and appreciate you and could NOT do this without you!