Nicholas Lucero and Eccentric Systems

Nicholas Lucero is very proud to know and work with Lucas Jacobson (Inventor of the DW 9000 Series Pedal and Hi-Hat) and the Eccentric Systems team.

Specifically - Nick is using their "Quick Torque Cam" - an easy modification to any bass drum pedal!

Check them out at:

About Eccentric Systems

Eccentric Systems has devoted over 25 years to making pedals faster, smoother and more efficient. Our history shows the success our designs have had in creating new lines of pedals for major companies.

With the development of our Quick Torque Cam design, Eccentric Systems is once again..... "Thinking way outside the box".  Rather than build a new pedal to get the most out of the technology. Why not design the technology to get the most out of the pedals Players ALREADY HAVE!

The patented Quick Torque cam design provides a new adjustment to vary the torque used by the spring to return the pedal, while the eccentric design of the cam reduces the amount of input force required to pull the spring. The result is 30% greater efficiency, more impact due to eccentric motion, and increased speed through higher torque..... And all these improvements can quickly be added to the pedal your using right now...


Converting to the Quick Torque Cam takes only minuets and makes NO PERMANENT CHANGES to your pedal. Available for nearly all single or double pedals from over 17 manufacturers; Quick Torque Cams give you wickedly improved performance for the price of a new head, NOT a new pedal...