Tape Productions Project Review

We're currently feature in the "PROPS 'N SKILLZZ" section of the Tapwe Productions website!

Tapwe Productions is a fantastic group of inspirational people out of NYC that we're very proud to call friends:

Pura Fe
Steve Crowley
Roz Dotson
Machiste Quintana

Check it out here:


Also check out Tapwe Productions:


Take a few minute to check out their NYC NDN videos too - DAT has really enjoyed watching these:

About NYC NDN:

We as Native American Indians and other Indigenous minorities maintain our historically rich cultures through art, music, dance, storytellings, and as keepers of native languages. We strive to safe-guard these multi ethnic cultures especially here in the “concrete jungle” of New York City. Tâpwê Production Projects promotes and assists this time honored tradition by offering services to assure these stories and traditions reflect the cultures as they actually are in this age of modern technology. Tâpwê’s new webisode series is a reflection of this – telling our own stories.

There are approximately 100,000 Native American Indians living in New York City, the capital of the world. That's a lot of stories to tell about this city that never sleeps.