For The People: Nizhoni Keshmish Benefit Concert

Join us this holiday season for the third "For The People: Nizhoni Keshmish Benefit Concert" featuring The Delbert Anderson Trio, 2014 Grammy Nominee Joe Tohannie, Jr., Joahasson Johns,  2013 Grammy Nominee Radmilla Cody and James Bilagodie!

Admission: Donated goods

All donated supplies "canned goods, winter clothing, toys, toiletries, beauty products etc." will be donated to various domestic violence shelters across Dine'tah!

Come out and enjoy the "spirit of giving" through song, laughter, & Ke'! Ya'at'eeh doo' Nizhoni Keshmish!"


We now have THREE GRAMMY NOMINATED artists on the bill! Davis Mitchell has graciously offered his time and talent in support of domestic violence shelters across Dineh Bikeyah . Check out the flyer for details and we'll see you tomorrow:

When - TOMORROW! (Sunday, December 22)
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Where: Leupp Public School, Leupp, AZ