Gitchi Manitou Muskwa - 1964 - 2013

It's with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to a dear friend of ours:

Gitchi Manitou Muskwa

We'd been working on a project with Gitschi and in the time we got to spend with him - we met a great man.

We had the honor to get to know a man of Vision.
A man of Power and Grace.
A man who truly embodied the arts and wasn't afraid to push the limits of what he could and what the arts can truly accomplish when one's heart and soul are poured into what they love.

We had spent the last couple of months creating a vision together - dreaming with Gitchi about the future...about how art and music intertwine and relate to each other...

While you're no longer with us in body - you'll always be with us in Spirit Gitchi.

Thank you for your friendship.

Thank you for your guidance.

Thank you for your vision.

Thank you for your Art.

We'll carry on our dream - we'll make "Reflections" happen Gitchi.

Rest in Peace friend.