Delbert Anderson and Cannonball Instruments


Delbert Anderson is proud to announce that he is now a Cannonball Music Instruments Artist!

Being part of such a warm family run company and being welcomed into a roster of such amazing artists is truly a unique blessing and Delbert couldn't be any happier!

Special thanks to Leesa McBeth, Sheryl Laukat, and Tevis Laukat for really taking the time to discuss their beautiful horns and their musical vision for Delbert and exploring the future together.

Also - Thanks to Ryan Montano for introducing me to the family, so to speak! If you haven't heard him - check him out:

Please take some time out of your do to visit Cannonball's sites and truly Experience Perfection for yourself!:

Delbert will be playing the 789RL "Bavarian Lion" Model horn - A beautiful horn with a reverse leadpipe design, medium-large bore, and an even bigger Big Bell design in a stunning Raven finish!