DAT Mongolian Throat Singing/Jazz Improvisation

The Delbert Anderson Trio is proud and excited to share a once-in-a-lifetime upcoming event.

We've been incredibly fortunate to be introduced to Baatarjav Erdenetsogt a well-known Mongolian throat singer, who is also the founder/director of the Centre of Native Heritage Culture and Customs of World Nomads in Mongolia.

After being introduced by Gordon Bronitsky (President - Bronitsky and Associates) - We are excited to announce that we will be performing together!!

Baatarjav Erdenetsogt and the Delbert Anderson Trio in an informal improvisation afternoon!

April 26
2:00 - 3:00 pm
925 7th SW
Albuquerque, NM

This performance is the first in the Barelas! series, a series of arts events that will reflect and honor the rich diversity of the historic Barelas neighborhood.

DAT San Francisco/Lincoln, NE Trip

We had an absolute blast going to San Francisco for our American Music Abroad audition!

It was pleasure meeting the judges and getting a chance to perform at the Old Presbyterian Church.   Such a beautiful stage - and the acoustics were amazing!!


The Vision Maker Film Festival was a BLAST!!   We were completely honored to perform at the opening event!  (Keep us in mind in the future!)

Thanks again for all the love and support DAT Fans!!!!

DAT - Vision Maker Film Festival

DAT is very excited to play at the opening of the Vision Maker Film Festival on March 14th!

We will also be conducting a workshop at The University of Nebraska!

Should be a fantastic event!!

Check this link out for more information:


You can also find out more on Facebook at:



DAT / Candace Curr Song - "One Way Street"

DAT had the opportunity to work with Singer/Songwriter Candace Curr!

We recorded her song "One Way Street" and are really excited to share it with you!!

Take a few minutes to check it out - we think you'll really love this side of what we do and we hope you love her song as much as we did!!

Check out her art at:

Candace Curr Art

Check out "One Way Street" at:



Delbert Anderson in SAY Magazine

Delbert Anderson was recently featured in the SAY Magazine 2014 Annual Education Guide!

SAY Magazine is much than just a magazine - they are a resource for First Nation and Native American people and a major source of information on contemporary Native issues.

Thank you so much to SAY Magazine for reaching out to Delbert and writing this great article on why he chose ENMU and why you should look at it too!

Please do yourself a favor and pick up this issue - Everyone knows that DAT is huge on education and this issue in particular is an incredible resource for helping our youth find good education resources to dive into!!

Leslie Lounsbury (Publisher of SAY Magazine) says it very well:

"In the area of education for our Native people, progress is being made, albeit slowly. Both in Canada and the US it is well recognized that higher education is a critical tool in addressing disparities in our communities, but higher learning education is still not a reality for many within Native communities."

We'd also like to add that this is truth of ALL youths in many communities across the country!!

Check them out at:


Nicholas Lucero - Endorsement News!!

Super proud to announce that I'm going to be working with Stone Custom Drum L.L.C.!

Bernie Stone is truly a master at what he does and has nearly 40 years experience in the drum industry! What he's managed to do is a create a drum company that truly embodies everything I love about making instruments - he's got a passion for what he does - the drums and shells he creates - and he does it so well!

Bernie and Kenton Synder were fantastic and NAMM and really talked to me about what they do and who they were and I'm incredibly excited to work with these guys!!

Stone Custom Drum is an American Drum Company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We create drum shells in configurations of 3 ply and "Niles Era" 5 ply style on the actual tools and molds that originally made the famous Slingerland brand of drums for well over half a century. The molds and tools have been retrofitted and brought up to 21st century standards. The shells they create are nothing short of magnificent.

Stone Custom Drum operates out of an established and iconic & historical production facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. International Park is a 55 acre industrial/manufacturing complex that has a rich tradition of housing domestic manufacturing.

They are making me a set that I can't WAIT to see:

A "Bop" sized set -

12"x8" Tom
14"x14" Floor Tom
18"x16" Bass Drum

All made from a stunning Northern Indiana Cherry in a 3-ply with maple re-rings shell with gold hardware. Cherry is typically considered an "exotic" wood for drum construction - the wood offers a punchy, warm tonality with plenty of resonance and high-end bite. Great for a woodsy snare drum with ample crack. Cherry is extremely versatile both in its tuning range and musical application

Should look and sound AMAZING.

Thanks again to Stone Custom Drums for their time and for sharing their passion for making truly one of a kind and beautiful instruments.

Looking forward to it!!

Check them out at:


DAT - AMA - San Fran!

Flights are booked - music is picked - DAT is super excited for our upcoming trip to perform in San Francisco!

We have the great fortune of playing for the American Music Abroad team for what we hope is the first steps in taking our Jazz Performances and Workshops/Clinics international through this amazing program.

We're SUPER excited to find out that the actual Concert Venue will be at the Old First Presbyterian Church famous for it's "Old First Concert" series.

Old First Concerts, established in 1970 as a year-round concert series, continues to present an astonishing array of programs performed by outstanding musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Old First Concerts has a distinctive niche within the local musical community with a solid history of creating and programming an incubator space for emerging and established musicians and ensembles of all genres. The musical content (our curatorial mission) is artist-driven on every level, with no restrictions placed on the musicians' artistic vision.

Artists perform in an acoustically and aesthetically appealing setting, seating approximately 450 people, with a backdrop of vividly-colored stained glass windows, and an entranceway featuring an elaborately hand painted ceiling. The venue is an ideal median between the larger local performance and recital halls, and the smaller community centers and clubs. Pianists have developed a deep fondness for performing on Old First Concerts' excellent New York Steinway (circa 1980).

We're flying in on March 12th - performing that afternoon and will be staying at the Hotel Carlton (Joie De Vivre) - so any friends in the area - please get a hold of us while we're in town!!

Should be outstanding!!


DAT San Fran.jpg

DAT and Mojave Audio

DAT is very proud to announce that for all future recordings - we will be working exclusively with Mojave Audio!

Dusty Wakeman with the Mojave team reached out to us and we had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with him at NAMM and take a look at their products and what can we say...we were impressed and excited to be able to use these microphones on our upcoming projects this year!

We're blessed to use the same wonderful microphones as Producers and Engineers for artists like Wayne Shorter, Collective Soul, Jewel, Black Crowes, REM, Abe Laboriel Jr., Ziggy Marley - the list goes on and on!

Check out their products and really take a few minutes to read about David Royer and his company:



'Painstaking attention to detail...' David Royer

What makes Mojave different? A Mojave microphone's journey begins and ends in Burbank, CA. US made Jensen transformers and NOS (new old stock) tubes are shipped offshore and mated to capsules and bodies, according to David Royer's design specifications, at a highly respected factory that David has worked with for over 15 years. All Mojave microphones are constructed with respect to David's unprecedented research and attention to electronic design and quality. After assembly, they are shipped back to Burbank for extensive QC inspections. Prior to packaging, every mic is burned in for 24 hours, tested and personally listened to by David.

Very few companies (and none in Mojave's price range) invest so much in the audio components. The high quality Jensen transformers alone, cost more than many import mics. The NOS tubes are military spec. The FET's are top quality and the resisters are custom made. At Mojave it's a given that no sacrifices are made in the critical signal path electronics.
This hybrid of domestic and overseas manufacturing allows us to make superb microphones that are affordable without compromise.

David Royer is one of an elite group of microphone designers who know that music and sound are inseparable from electronic design. Everything David designs comes from his deep, lifelong love of music. David is best known for his ribbon microphone designs with Royer Labs, which have won three TEC awards and a prestigious Technical Grammy Award.

DAT - American Music Abroad Live Auditions!

DAT is proud to announce that we have selected to for live auditions for the American Music Abroad program - many, many great bands applied...and we've been fortunate enough to make it to the next step.

American Music Abroad is a program that the Association of American Voices is proud to administer on behalf of the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

The American Music Abroad program is designed to communicate America’s rich musical contributions to the global music scene as it fosters cross-cultural communication and people-to-people connection to global audiences.

Basically - we'd be taking the clinics, workshops and performances that we've done locally and take it to a global scale!

Tentatively - we will be flying into San Francisco around March 11th to participate in this great event!

No voting required this time - just wish us luck and stay tuned!!


DAT - Hard Rock Rising 2014 Contest

Click on THIS link to vote for us by downloading Groove Warrior!


We've been selected by ReverbNation and The Hard Rock Cafe as one of The Bands to represent not only our beautiful State of New Mexico - but our entire COUNTRY in a Global Battle of the Bands!!

The Winner will perform in front of 40,000 fans at this summer's Hard Rock Live music festival in Rome, Italy!

This is our chance to represent Native America, New Mexico and Jazz in general on a global scale and really show what can all do when we work together!!

...And before you think "Why...a Jazz band? - Well the Brass Wires Orchestra from Lisbon was a runner up last year and still got sent to London to perform! So we really tip our hats to The Hard Rock Cafe for endorsing talent - not just mainstream music!!!

So here's how we do this - We've made our song "Groove Warrior" available for download for free.

Click on the link below to download our song and give us a vote!!


One more option for our fans that live near a Hard Rock cafe:


Until voting ends on February 17th, your fans can triple their votes (2 additional votes per fan) by visiting any participating Hard Rock Cafe location and 'Checking-in' from their smartphone. Boost your votes by getting your fans to come out to a local cafe. Organize a meet-and-greet, sign autographs, get creative!

Important Notes:

Fans must vote prior to Checking-in
Fans will 'Check-in' using their mobile device
'Check-in' instructions will be posted inside all participating Hard Rock Cafes

Check out the Groove Warrior Music Video too!:



Nicholas Lucero and Bosphorus Cymbals

Anyone that knows me knows that the ONE thing I'm consistently picky about is cymbals. I travel with mine and if I can't get my entire setup in - I bring at very least my cymbals anywhere I go. Over the years I've developed a very, very specific sonic pallet for cymbals and have spent more than I'd like to think about chasing down that sound I have in my head. I came close with the big Z - but I never got there...not really.

I had the fantastic pleasure of getting introduced to the Bosphorus Cymbals team by Ari Hoenig at NAMM and in addition to be consummate professionals and just generally GREAT guys...their cymbals were absolutely unbelievable. There was one ride in particular that was literally the most beautiful sounding ride I'd ever heard...bar none. I spent the next day at NAMM walking around the cymbal booths and spending hours and hours listening to cymbals from everyone - including the guys I've been using for most of my life and still came back to Bosphorus Cymbals twice after the initial meeting.

These guys make cymbals the same way cymbals were made 800 years ago...no fancy computer hammering - no laser lathing - just sweat, hard work and artistry. These type of craftsman are a rarity in the modern - mass produced world we live in. I saw the factory and was taken back in time and could picture the same guys making these modern cymbals making ancient cymbals - cauldrons of molten metal...the clang of artisans hammering cymbals...

So it is with great pleasure and honor that I'd like to officially announce that they've welcomed me into their family and I'm officially now and endorsed artist. I've made a major switch for me - and I'm very excited about the future with this team.

Big thanks to Brandon Pfundt for dealing me for about three hours in booth trying out literally every cymbal they had with every stick I could find in NAMM.

Tenatively - I'll be playing the Lyric Series:

14" Hi Hats
21" Crash Ride with Rivets
23" Ride

Check them out:


DAT - Rhonda Head - Sheldon Pickering

  We had the pleasure of having dinner with gifted pianist Sheldon Pickering last night to discuss a great future project with Canadian singer Rhonda Head scheduled for early August!

  Rhonda Head is a classicaly trained Mezzo Soprano.  Rhonda has sang with the Manitoba Opera Chorus in the Belle Voci Concert and the Stories that Sing concert. She also sang with the Flin Flon Community Choir, in the production Carmina Burana in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.    She is just returning The Atrium at Lincoln Center in New York after performing Handels Messiah at an event that has been voted the #1 live show event in North America.

  With a diverse repertoire that spans from Amazing Grace to
Voi Che Sapete - we are sure this will be a show you won't forget!

  Mr. Pickering will be accompanying her for most of her time in the Four Corners area - and DAT will be guest starring in at least one of the concert events.   

   Shortly after she returns to Canada - DAT will be headed to Manitoba to perform for a week at some of her favorite venues!

We are all looking forward to these weeks of shows this summer!

Please check back on our Website/Reverbnation Site and Facebook for exact dates and venues closer to August!

  We had the pleasure of having dinner with gifted pianist Sheldon Pickering last night to discuss a great future project with Canadian singer Rhonda Head scheduled for early August!

  Rhonda Head is a classicaly trained Mezzo Soprano.  Rhonda has sang with the Manitoba Opera Chorus in the Belle Voci Concert and the Stories that Sing concert. She also sang with the Flin Flon Community Choir, in the production Carmina Burana in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.    She is just returning The Atrium at Lincoln Center in New York after performing Handels Messiah at an event that has been voted the #1 live show event in North America.

  With a diverse repertoire that spans from Amazing Grace to
Voi Che Sapete - we are sure this will be a show you won't forget!

  Mr. Pickering will be accompanying her for most of her time in the Four Corners area - and DAT will be guest starring in at least one of the concert events.   

   Shortly after she returns to Canada - DAT will be headed to Manitoba to perform for a week at some of her favorite venues!

We are all looking forward to these weeks of shows this summer!

Please check back on our Website/Reverbnation Site and Facebook for exact dates and venues closer to August!

Live WSLR Interview - 1/18/14

Please join us on WSLR for "Indigenous In Music" with Larry Knudsen at 2pm Mountain Time/ 4pm Eastern time!

We'll be discussing the songs we played and recorded in 2013 and a little of what we have in store for 2014/2015 LIVE!


Here's a link if you missed it!:


We're at the top of Hour 2

2015 China/US Tour

...That's right!  You read it correctly!


DAT would like to Announce that we will be collaborating on an upcoming recording and tour of China with noted Opera Singer and Composer Wenhai Wang!

We are incredibly blessed to have Wenhai as a friend and we are very excited to share what we're working on together.

In addition to being a stunning vocal and dramatic talent - Wenhai has been an educator and worked in composing and producing for both Television and Film. We will be blending our original DAT sound with Wenhai's Soaring Vocals to produce some great new music that will touch on influences from heritage jazz pieces, traditional Chinese pieces, film compositions and our original and unique musical vision as an artistic concord.

We will be playing several dates mostly in Shanghai and will be heading into the studio in the upcoming months to record a CD that will be released towards the end of 2014 - stay tuned for how to get an invite to our CD release event in Shanghai!

We will be announcing more about the specific dates and venues and thanking our sponsors in the upcoming months as things are finalized.

Thanks again to our friends, family and fans who have been so grateful and generous with their time and patience and love over the past several months as we've been booked solid with meetings and rehearsals and trips...we love and appreciate you and could NOT do this without you!


Nicholas Lucero and Eccentric Systems

Nicholas Lucero is very proud to know and work with Lucas Jacobson (Inventor of the DW 9000 Series Pedal and Hi-Hat) and the Eccentric Systems team.

Specifically - Nick is using their "Quick Torque Cam" - an easy modification to any bass drum pedal!

Check them out at:


About Eccentric Systems

Eccentric Systems has devoted over 25 years to making pedals faster, smoother and more efficient. Our history shows the success our designs have had in creating new lines of pedals for major companies.

With the development of our Quick Torque Cam design, Eccentric Systems is once again..... "Thinking way outside the box".  Rather than build a new pedal to get the most out of the technology. Why not design the technology to get the most out of the pedals Players ALREADY HAVE!

The patented Quick Torque cam design provides a new adjustment to vary the torque used by the spring to return the pedal, while the eccentric design of the cam reduces the amount of input force required to pull the spring. The result is 30% greater efficiency, more impact due to eccentric motion, and increased speed through higher torque..... And all these improvements can quickly be added to the pedal your using right now...


Converting to the Quick Torque Cam takes only minuets and makes NO PERMANENT CHANGES to your pedal. Available for nearly all single or double pedals from over 17 manufacturers; Quick Torque Cams give you wickedly improved performance for the price of a new head, NOT a new pedal...

DAT Interview with Scott Michelin

Delbert, Nick and Mike were fortunate enough to sit down with local media icon Scott Michlin and discuss the band, the future and really dig into who we are as a group.

There's also some great footage from some local shows in and around the Four Corners!

Thanks to the following people for helping us:

Scott Michilin - The epitome of a media professional.
Paul McPherson (Shutterfreek) - His style and skills are simply world class.
Terry Martin - for breaking all the rules of recording and managing to lay down quality tracks. Check out his band Living Door - those guys ROCK!

Our friends and family for your support and love in 2013!

Thanks to the following Venues for allowing us to play and film:

The Totah Theatre - Greg - your stage is fantastic and joy to play!
The Brooks Isham Performance Center - One of the nicest stages we've played and Chris - you're the man!
Rubio's Fine Mexican Dining - We had a blast and the food is always fantastic!

Songs featured in the video are:

Narbona (DAT Original)
Autumn in New York (V. Duke)
DAT One (DAT Original)
Nefertiti (M. Davis)
Look Backwards (DAT Original)
Solar (M. Davis)
New York Navajo (DAT Original)

Keep an eye and an ear our for our new tracks:

KP Blues
Iron Horse Gallup

And watch out for some big announcements coming soon!

DAT Navajo Times

DAT along with Radmilla Cody, Joe Tohonnie, Jr. & the Crown Dancers, Davis Mitchell, Johansen Johns  and James Bilagodie were featured in a great article in the Navajo Times about the  For The People: Nizhoni Keshmish Benefit Concert!

"The venue reverberated with the sounds of earlier years as The Delbert Anderson Trio, a jazz ensemble from Shiprock, NM, later took the stage."


- Krista Allen

DAT - NAMM - 2014

DAT will be at NAMM this year in T-minus 20 days (January 23rd - 26th)!!

Join us in January as the world's most important buyers and decision makers converge on sunny Anaheim, Calif., at the music product industry's premier event. The NAMM Show is where brands are built, legends are created and deals are made.


Special thanks to John Paschall and our Favorite local music store - Main Street Music NM - for truly supporting local music and arts and making this happen!

If you're from the Four Corner's area - please take a moment to stop by and visit them in downtown Aztec, NM and even if you aren't local to New Mexico or Southern Colorado - you can still get a hold of them at (505) 334-5210!   You can't get any better than these guys - musicians that are passionate about what they do and really go the extra mile to take care of their customers!


Tape Productions Project Review

We're currently feature in the "PROPS 'N SKILLZZ" section of the Tapwe Productions website!

Tapwe Productions is a fantastic group of inspirational people out of NYC that we're very proud to call friends:

Pura Fe
Steve Crowley
Roz Dotson
Machiste Quintana

Check it out here:


Also check out Tapwe Productions:


Take a few minute to check out their NYC NDN videos too - DAT has really enjoyed watching these:

About NYC NDN:

We as Native American Indians and other Indigenous minorities maintain our historically rich cultures through art, music, dance, storytellings, and as keepers of native languages. We strive to safe-guard these multi ethnic cultures especially here in the “concrete jungle” of New York City. Tâpwê Production Projects promotes and assists this time honored tradition by offering services to assure these stories and traditions reflect the cultures as they actually are in this age of modern technology. Tâpwê’s new webisode series is a reflection of this – telling our own stories.

There are approximately 100,000 Native American Indians living in New York City, the capital of the world. That's a lot of stories to tell about this city that never sleeps.


For The People: Nizhoni Keshmish Benefit Concert Gallery

Thanks to everyone who contributed greatly to the "For The People: Nizhoni Keshmish Benefit Concert." All the donated items will benefit domestic violence shelter homes across Dine'tah this holiday season.

Joe Tohonnie, Jr. & the Crown Dancers (2014 GRAMMY NOMINEE)

Davis Mitchell (2008 GRAMMY NOMINEE)

Johansen Johns

James BIlagodie (Multiple Native American Award Nominee)

Radmilla Cody (2013 GRAMMY NOMINEE)

Brandon Benallie (Coordinator & PR)